Wardrobe by Gucci; Gucci Sunglasses - Optik Seis

Despite a tight schedule coupled with mounting success, Raline Shah is filled with joy as she speaks to us about the variety of activities she packs into her life.

The delightful Raline Shah’s burgeoning acting skills have recently been further enhanced by her electric performance in Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2. And incredibly, on top of all this, her dedication to philanthropic deeds is also mounting with the development of Rumah Harapan Indonesia, Valencia Care Foundation—an initiative to help critically ill children from low-income households by placing them in transit homes located in several major cities around the country.

Raline has been volunteering with this organisation for four years, but just recently took the title of being Rumah Harapan Indonesia’s co-founder.

Other than being involved in the foundation’s work and spending most of her time travelling from one city to another to survey locations and facilities for Rumah Harapan Indonesia, Raline is also busy with her upcoming comic book series entitled Rasha.

What many people don’t know about this enigmatic star is that she is a big fan of comics; this passion has led to her getting involved in the country’s burgeoning comic book scene, both with local artists and through setting up an Indonesian comic book company.

Wardrobe by Gucci; Gucci Sunglasses - Optik Seis

Wardrobe by Harry Ibrahim; shoes by Gucci


Wardrobe by Gucci; Gucci Sunglasses - Optik Seis

Someone like Raline does not have a typical day: for her, each day is a different story—but always an exciting one, as long as it involves a good book to destress and end the day with. Other than going on location to shoot, she is either attending interviews, press conferences or catching a flight overseas.

“I do keep myself fit and healthy by having enough sleep as I can amid my busy schedule,” she tells us. “I ensure that I have a proper work-life balance so that I’m not overwhelmed, and, of course, I try to spend as much time with my family as possible. In terms of my health, I make sure to exercise at least three times a week and I consume only nutritious food,” Raline adds.

Variety being the spice of life, Raline recently returned from Budapest, where she took the entourage from her recent movie Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2–a trip she says she’ll never forget. “Budapest is such a beautiful city and it was so refreshing to work with the crew away from home. It brought us together and made us all feel like family. This time, working away from home was not a challenge as much as it was a blessing,” she says. 

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(Text by Maina A. Harjani, Photographer: Hakim Satrio, Stylist: Adi Surantha, Hair and make-up: Priscilla Myrna, Wardrobe: Gucci and Harry Ibrahim,  Location: Ruci Artspace)

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