The success and failure of any apparel depends on how it falls on someone’s body. It should come as no surprise, then, that the world’s fashion mavens always handpick the best models to represent their new designs during fashion weeks.

Indonesia’s fashion industry itself is no less sterling and striking when compared with other Asian countries. Filled with a slew of talented fashion designers, Indonesia is also blessed with a good number of fashion models who know how to work the runway and be fierce at the same time.

But, who are the current models that are taking Indonesian fashion industry by storm? We have gathered five Indonesian IT models that have continuously surprised us in the editorial pages and on the fashion runways, thus slowly cementing their positions in the fashion industry.

Advina Ratnaningsih

Known for her exotic, tanned skin and high cheekbones, Advina Ratnaningsih is an Indonesian model who has garnered much attention for her work on the runway and in editorial shoots throughout the years. The self-proclaimed travel fan started her career after winning an editorial beauty contest in 2005, which propelled her to model for prominent designers like Ivan Gunawan, Tex Saverio and Sapto Djojokartiko. Inspired by her travels, Advina is also active in promoting Indonesian tourism with non-profit community Langkah Anak Bangsa.

Widika Sidmore

Born in Bali, Widika Sidmore is a model of many talents. After completing her high school education, the 180cm-tall model flew to New York and landed a modelling gig with Ford Models agency. The proud bearer of nine tattoos then returned to Indonesia to pursue her love of theatre by debuting in local movie Pertaruhan, which was released this year. However, Widika still reigns in the fashion industry whether it’s appearing on fashion shows or being the face of a new fashion label.

Hélène Jansen

With a unique face and lanky figure, Helene Jansen is one of the most sought-after models in the industry. Born to Dutch and Indonesian parents, Helene divides her time between the Netherlands and Indonesia, as well as travelling to new corners of the world. Helene has recently walked the ramp for designers Sapto Djojokartiko and Denny Wirawan.

Reti Ragil

Represented by Wynn Models, Reti Ragil started her modelling career after her mum asked her to enrol in modelling school, complaining about her bad posture. With her 179cm height, it should come as no surprise that Reti would have a sterling modelling career, walking the ramp for renowned fashion designers like Biyan and Priyo Oktaviano. Not limiting her boundaries, Reti has also appeared in a music video by Tulus in 2015.

Chloe Clau

With her pixie cut and strong jawline, Chloe has found her place in the fashion industry by filling the gap for androgynous models. Despite starting her career more than a decade ago, it took Chloe several years to be her tomboy self and secure a spot on the runway by portraying versatile characters. Chloe has recently walked the ramp for Rama Dauhan, Amanda Hartanto and Barli Asmara at the recent Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2017.


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