With the new year well underway, many of our travel plans have been put into motion. However, with travelling the globe being more and more easy, where do you begin? Do you want visit a bustling metropolis or venture away from the cities to explore what nature has to offer? To help with your travelling dilemmas, we have compiled four travel trends that will be popular in 2017.

 Touring Asia

With borders opening up, it has become even easier to move around the Asian corner of the world, with Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia among the most highly recommended. More and more travellers are steering away from standard tourist sites, with the trend now to take a cruise between Vietnam and Cambodia or to find a unique experience within the Golden Triangle.

 European River Cruises

 When we talk about cruises, many of us tend to imagine older couples sunbathing with a glass or two of Pina Colada. Yet 2017 could be the year that this all changes due to the younger generation showing an interest in cruising.

With options like biking, hiking and trekking offered as part of cruise packages, adventure-craving travellers can find everything they need on board. Let’s also not forget that cities in Europe are packed with rich culture, like Austria, Germany, France, and Switzerland and you can often make a pit stop during your voyages.

 Northern Exposure

As we mentioned in our 5 Cities to Begin Your Canadian Adventure in 2017 article, visiting the north of the American continent is becoming more and more popular. This trend could be in relation to many different things, be it the political climate or simply a craving for a warm dish of poutine.

Either way, the amazing cities in Canada are packed with famous restaurants, amazing natural sites and exciting festivals all year round. Tip: with the increase in interests to Canada, it’s better to book now!

 Toes in the Sand

Everyone loves the beach! Sitting under the beaming sun while you sink your toes into clean, white sand as crashing waves drown out the masses’ chatter is simply perfect. We recommend you head to Nosy Ankao in Madagascar, where the new Miavana Hotel is offering truly stunning beaches without an overpopulation of tourists. The trend of visiting a sandy paradise is nothing new to some, but Madagascar could well be a brand-new paradise.

(Photo credit: Pixabay and Pexels)

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