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Looking back to the past year, our way of enjoying the sea and its mesmerizing underwater scenery have changed. Amid the challenging era, most travellers could only dream of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the daily schedule. Although travels could be done virtually or within the country for health and safety reasons, discerning adventurers and sunseekers could opt for a more exclusive experience. For those who wish to have the ultimate luxury at sea, SKAYR Yachts offers a new way to fuel the wanderlust. Skayr Yachts was first founded in early 2020 by three friends, Firman Santoso, Nino Krisnan and Raul Renanda, who shared the same interest: yachting. After one year, the team welcomed Dennis de Roos as Interim Commercial Director to support market strategy and establish production facilities in Europe and the US. Thanks to many strategic distributor partners and production facilities in the Netherlands and the US, Skayr has expanded globally. Moreover, the prestigious yacht company stays true to its roots by implementing local elements and heritage into its concept and designs.

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Setting a whole new benchmark of luxury yachts through the latest models, Skayr offers two cruisers built to impress even the most avid sailor. The first type, SKR 40 Renanda, is a 40-foot luxury sports cruiser designed by Indonesian architect Raul Renanda, which is powered with a twin inboard sterndrive Volvo Penta D6 440 set-up. Yacht lovers can also choose SKR 50 Renanda outfitted with triple outboard Mercury V12 600 set-up and more space on board. Moreover, its sloping transom is further enhanced by the optional high-low platform, providing easy access to the water. While SKR 40 Renanda aims at the Asian and European market, SKR 50 fits the US market first, with potential sales growth in Asia and the Middle East.

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With the same quality craftsmanship, both yachts are equipped with stately facilities, impressive exterior lines and sleek accents to elevate the excitement of any seafaring journey. One could easily imagine enjoying some refreshing cocktails at the bar inside or sunbathing on the expansive deck. Bonus points for any of Skayr yachts is the spacious, well appointed cabin furnished with a full bed and shower. The comfort in style further extends to the cockpit area, where powerful functionality meets beautiful ocean views. With launch estimation in 2022, these Skayr yachts are available for preview at the 2021 Cannes Yacht Show or by visiting skayr.com.