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Harmony and tranquillity intertwine with unbelievable detail and outstanding finesse at Amanyangyun, the latest in the range of bespoke Aman resorts. Nestled amongst ancient camphor trees in the Shanghai Forest, which is ruled by the oldest tree named “The King Tree”, the hotel embodies the ancient spirituality of China with 26 meticulously prepared and restored villas. Each of the remastered Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings has been painstakingly moved brick-by-brick from the famous region
of Fuzhou in Jiangxi Province. This produces an authentic representation of the past with the sophistication of the present.

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The 13 antique villas and twenty-four guest suites are each designed to celebrate the heart of China and place you in serene surroundings at all times. Each of the villas comes with swimming pool and a heated Jacuzzi while the guest suites have two private courtyards and an outdoor bath. All of these offer guests the chance to enjoy the surrounding nature as well as their rooms’ elegant comforts. Each room uses natural woods and soft neutral colours to minimalise sensory exposure, and soft lighting fills each room with a warm natural glow.

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Although the serene ambience gives a sense of being far away from modern civilisation, the hotel is situated near the airport and is easy to reach using most modes of transport from the centre of Shanghai. It is also in close proximity to the Qizhong area, which boasts a golf course and the Forest Sports City Arena and Park. This allows for excursions out of the hotel with the utmost ease and relaxation.

Six food and beverage options are available to residents covering a wide selection of cuisines and styles. The Chinese restaurant has both private dining and an à la carte menu, with both offering up vibrant views and a calming ambiance. Furthermore, the Lakeside Japanese Restaurant offers an informal dining experience at the water’s edge while the Italian Restaurant and Club Lounge has sweeping views of the southern lake and forests.

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A larger private dining area is available in the banquet hall, which has a contemporary setting mixed with local beauty and splendour as it spills out into the terrace and lawn. For something a little more personal, the Aman Deli Village Shop provides speciality food and wine items for guests and residents that are unique to the area.

The respectful combination of old and new carries on with the R&R amenities available to residents. Guests can enjoy a modern IMAX cinema and an extensive collection of spa treatments, which include hydrotherapy, Russian banya, and many more. Meanwhile, guests can also indulge in local culture by visiting Nan Shufang, which takes its name from a royal reading pavilion in the Forbidden City and celebrates Chinese art and culture while allowing hotel guests to join in. Try your hand at ancient calligraphy, Chinese painting, or take part in one of the nine elegant tearooms and a local tea ceremony.

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Amanyangyun is the culmination of years of meticulous cultivation and conservation of one of Chinas most historic areas. The restoration of ancient and natural beauty while integrating the elegant sophistication of modern convenience makes Amanyangyun a truly rare addition to the luxury hotels of the world. 

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