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Jewellery Boy Oh Boy: 5 Pieces of Jewellery Every Gentlemen Will Love January 28, 2017

As gender lines blur in the jewellery world, brands are responding with a more diverse selection of men's pieces.

Jewellery Get Stung by These 7 Unique and Stunning Insect Jewelleries January 24, 2017

Insects make captivating subjects for these gilded, gem-encrusted pieces!

Jewellery 6 Gorgeous Jewelleries for the Perfect Beach Party January 4, 2017

The strong vibe of beach cries out for brightly coloured jewellery. We pick some fun pieces that deserve to make it into your beach party!

Jewellery Parisian Style Jewellery: In Conversation with Aurélie Bidermann January 4, 2017

Meet Aurélie Bidermann, French-jewellery designer, whose designs make us feel much more Parisian. She shares with us about Parisian style jewellery and how she sources her inspirations, read on...

Jewellery Express Your Style with These 5 Elegant Jewellery Cuffs December 29, 2016

If a delicate bracelet just won’t cut it, give yourself some serious cuff love.

Jewellery First Look: Cindy Chao Jewellery Debut at the Biennale des Antiquaires December 28, 2016

Taiwanese jewellery artisan Cindy Chao creates a buzz in Paris with a sparkling debut at the Biennale des Antiquaires.

Jewellery 5 Dazzling Hair Accessories Perfect for New Year's Eve December 23, 2016

Make a statement with your New Year's Eve outfit this year by adding dazzling hair accessories to your look.

Jewellery 5 Stylish Christmas Themed Accessories for Your Fabulous Look December 20, 2016

Get into the festive spirit with these gorgeous gems in Christmas hues

Jewellery 3 Things to Know about Alisa Moussaieff, the Driving Force Behind Jewellery Brand Moussaieff December 19, 2016

She driving force behind jewellery brand Moussaieff, Alisa Moussaieff, shares about her passion, and how she became one of the most respected figures in the jewellery industry.

Jewellery 'Tis the Season to Sparkle: 8 Diamond Accessories for Your Snowy Winter Style December 16, 2016

White diamonds will add glamour to your Christmas outfit!

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