big-bang-ferrari-magic-gold.jpgThe collaboration between Hublot and Ferrari has produced brilliant timepieces over the past years. This year is going to be even more extraordinary as Hublot incorporates its revolutionary material into the new aesthetic of the Big Bang Unico. Restyled as per Ferrari’s design language, the result is a watch that delivers both form and function: the Big Bang Unico Ferrari Magic Gold. Magic Gold was the groundbreaking patented alloy that first put together the two titans of industry. Seven years after its creation, Magic Gold remains the only scratch-resistant 18ct gold. It is recognised as the hardest gold in the world.2011_11_04_ferrari_HD5.jpg

In 2011, Hublot became the exclusive watchmaking partner of Ferrari. Both brands knew from the very beginning that this was going to be a collaboration for the ages. Nearly a decade on, the bond looks stronger than ever. Exclusivity, technology, passion, and style remain at the heart of the partnership. A pooling of resources and information resulted in the first-ever Big Bang Ferrari watch Hublot unveiled the Big Bang Ferrari at Baselworld 2012. Combining unique notes that address the respective DNA of both brands, the Big Bang Ferrari also marked the very first redesign of the Hublot Big Bang since its release in 2005.

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