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There are few meals that a nice glass of wine does not go well with. Most cuisines can find a vintage to accompany anything on the menu, even dessert. Wine can add a whole new level of taste to your meal, so surely there can’t be anything else it can do? We thought we would check, so here are three ways in which wine might be good for your health.

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It has been put forward by the British Heart Foundation that very low levels of alcohol can have some positive effects on the heart of the consumer. However, this is primarily for men over 40 years of age and also post-menopausal women based on the consumption of only of around two to three glasses per week.

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It is well known that wine, and in particular red wine, contains antioxidants, which have been shown to play a part in preventing heart disease and cancer. After testing, it has been found that the darker the wine the higher the antioxidant content. So maybe grab yourself a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir with your meal next time.

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Obviously, binge drinking is not recommended and you should always be responsible. Yet drinking wine with a meal can be not only improve the culinary experience but have benefits internally as well. Tests have shown that certain Italian wines have helped to improve circulation—but only when consumed responsibly. On average, we are recommended to safely consume about five units of alcohol per week, and as wine is around 14 per cent abv this would amount to around two glasses.

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