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Many of us spend large amounts of money on ways to protect or prolong our life. Be it medicine, therapy or another all new method of protection we all use them in one way or another. However, have you ever thought about what your body automatically does to protect you in your hour of need as it might surprise you? So here are four ways your body automatically takes care of you and keeps you safe.

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Whenever you find yourself in chilly surroundings you’ll notice that your hairs will seem to all stretch causing a slight bumpy impression on your skin. Collectively known as goosebumps this automatic reaction to the cold causes air to be trapped between the hairs. This results in an extra layer of insulation, which prevents heat from escaping your body.

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With the weather so hot we often find ourselves spending a little bit too much time in the pool. The result is wrinkled skin appearing on our hands and feet. Although this looks like you might have just drained your skin of all moisture in actual fact it is your body’s way of preparing for possibly wet and dangerous surfaces. The wrinkles help to move water away from your fingers and toes, which helps you to grip wet surfaces.

 A good cry is good for the eyetears.jpg

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Although tears are often associated with emotion, they do also have other purposes than showing a broken heart or pain. The main reason your body produces tears is to clean your eyes of possible dirty or foreign substance. For example if you are pocked in the eyes or you rub them with dirty hands. 

 Wakey wakey!stretching.jpg

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Everyone loves a good yawn when we are tired but this natural reflex has more to do with trying to wake you up. Yawning helps to cool the brain when it is overloaded or stressed in order to refresh you. Other studies have also suggested that yawning is used to relieve boredom and help with exhaustion all with the purpose of waking the brain up. Also, stretching is another way your body tries to wake you although this time physically. Whenever you stretch it is your body is attempting to increase blood flow and help you to wake up your muscles.

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