Kebijakan Ahok is a book written by Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, now known as BTP, during his time behind bars. According to some reviewers, Kebijakan Ahok not only discusses about how BTP built and led Jakarta, but also incorporates some of his wise decisions and personality. If you haven’t read the book yet, here we give you a glimpse of what inspiring things that you can learn from Kebijakan Ahok.

Quick to act

If you are leader of a team, everyone will look up to you when problems arise. That is what BTP felt when he led Jakarta as the governor. During the launch of Kebijakan Ahok, one of BTP’s former workers confessed that the leader tended to give solutions for every problem in such a short time and they did it immediately together and solved the matter there and then. Quick action is what all of us need.

Political image

As a person who has experience in politics, BTP also gives us details in his book about how the Indonesian parliament functions. This could be a guide for anyone who is interested in the country’s political landscape and want to understand it more.

Works for others

BTP also wrote notes in this book. He mentioned that a leader should have high integrity, honesty, and loyalty to the people. The father-of-three proved that even though he used to be the governor of Jakarta, he also worked for the people and it was his responsibility and aim to make Jakartans’ lives better in every aspect.

BTP’s legacy for Jakarta

After stepping down from his position, BTP is known to have left a legacy for Jakarta. The first is his transparency model of government. This was proven by how BTP always uploaded his videos of his meetings on his official YouTube channel and let the public know what is he talking about and doing as governor. Among other things, this is what BTP is best remembered for.

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