The Indonesian musical scene has been booming for the past couple of years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With several local musicians having reached the international stage and a global scale of fame, enthusiasm and confidence have been rocketing like crazy. Wonder how you can support our beloved musicians? Why not start by listening to their latest tunes on Spotify released recently. Read below for our curated compilations of five of the latest Indonesian singles you need to listen now!

‘Wajah Cerita’ by Ben Sihombing

Ben Sihombing went provocative with his latest single “Wajah Cerita”. On the cover, Ben poses wearing nothing but a plain block to censor his private area. Although the cover looks explicit, the song, on the other hand, contains poetic lyrics accompanied by beautiful acoustic guitar. What a way to celebrate body positivity.


‘A Long Way’ by Eva Celia

After two excruciating years for fans waiting for another musical piece by the talented Eva Celia, the beautiful singer finally released a single this January. Entitled “A Long Way”, the song tells a monologue Eva had about loving and respecting herself which she said was a valuable lesson she learned while at her lowest point.


‘Apart’ by Grace Sahertian

Teasing her fans for her upcoming album, Grace Sahertian released the single “Apart”, which will be a part of her much-anticipated album. The song has a refreshing vibe and atmosphere added to with sweet and distinctive lyrics. Collaborating again with pianist and composer David Manuhutu, the song is dominated by a drum machine, synthesiser, and catchy guitar, giving it an 80s synth-pop feel.


‘U’ by Ringgo 5

Releasing their third single since their previous album and EP in 2017, pop band Ringgo 5 bring more fun for their fans with their latest single entitled “U.” The song has a different kind of arrangement than their other pieces, providing listeners with an upbeat and youthful feel that reminisces about trying to forget a loved one to no avail.


‘Sorai’ by Nadin Amizah

Nadin Amizah has done a spectacular job with her second single, “Sorai”. The song, which is her thoughts about letting go of a loved one, has a tranquil melody with beautiful lyrics and a deep meaning. Full of perfectly put metaphors, the song is both catchy and poetic in its own way, which will further cement Nadin’s career as one of the most talented musicians in Indonesia.



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