Do you have spare time to relax this weekend and not go outside? If so, then ease your working week’s burden a little in the company of hot chocolate and these popular webtoon comics on Line. From a hilarious comedy about a family that is too good-looking for its own sake to disturbing tales involving advanced technology, we have listed some of the most beloved webtoon comics by Indonesian artists that are perfect for you.

Terlalu Tampan by Mas Okis and Savenia Melinda Sutrisno

One of the most beloved webtoon titles—which will have its own movie adaptation coming soon—is none other than Terlalu Tampan, translated as Too Handsome. The story revolves around a family that is just too good-looking for its own good as the various members try to live normal day-to-day lives. Cheeky and hilarious, the comic is a good treat and a relaxing read.

Eggnoid by Archie The RedCat


Photo: Courtesy of Webtoon

In the mood for some sweet and heartfelt romance? Try Eggnoid. After the passing away of her parents, Ran spends most of her days alone and only with the occasional company of her charming neighbour, Olfie. But when Ran figures out that Olfie has chosen another girl, she crumbles. That is until she is presented with a mysterious massive egg with a handsome, somehow physically grown, baby inside. While cheeky, this hits close to home if you’ve ever been, or are currently, in the melancholic phase of loving someone.

Dulu Gwe(n) Pernah by Sisifafa and Romy Hernadi

Dulu Gwe(n) Pernah, loosely translated as One Time I’ve Been or One Time Gwen Did, tells silly stories about an overweight girl and her daily struggles. Written and drawn in the format of something similar to a comic strip, it is great to read when you need a quick laugh or are not exactly in the mood for heavy plots.

Tahilalats by Nurfadli Mursyid and Tahilalats Team

Just like Dulu Gwe(n) Pernah, this comic also follows an easy plot and is good for a quick laugh in your spare time. Tahilalats is an online comic strip that most Indonesians will be able to relate to. From hilarious moments at high school to ridiculous spam messages, this web comic provides a good chuckle.

Flawless by Shinshinhye

Sarah, a hard-hearted middle school girl, has always kept her distance from everybody else. And when some boys try to catcall her, she doesn’t hesitate to get physical with the bullies. That is until she meets a mysterious yet dashing boy about her age by the name of Elios. The only catch? Elios is blind. Flawless is a coming-of-age story about a girl who learns to drop her guard and makes for an easy read on a Sunday morning.

Riot_404 by Tim Riot


Photo: Courtesy of Webtoon

With our dependence on technology running the gamut from our social lives to what we order for dinner, technology certainly plays a major factor in daily life and it would be undeniable to say that it’s hard to live without. With that also comes a huge risk, and that’s what Riot_404 perfectly captures. Terrible and horrific stories involving the advancement of technology remind us of the importance to put limits on technology. The first story, for instance, tells us about a rising celebgram named Tania who, it is predicted, has only 24 hours left to live. Inspired by other techno-paranoia products like Black Mirror, The Dark Web and Mr. Robot, Riot_404 excels in developing its own twists that will appeal to local readers.



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