One thing the machines have failed to take over is that one that require authenticity, deep convictions, and a sense of belonging and humanity—the arts. Valuable and sentimental items worth fighting or bidding for. No matter how far our intelligence takes us, the desire to keep or own specific items has always prevailed. That’s where these outstanding auction houses play a vital role: to preserve and encourage a sense of belonging to artworks and valuable goods. These five below are the most significant ones that grace our beloved country. Ready to take a look?



Photo: Courtesy of Christie's

Established in 1766 by significant Scottish auctioneer James Christie, Christie’s has been known for centuries as one of the most notable auction houses in history. Some of the items auctioned have included Coco Chanel’s wardrobe, Albert Einstein’s personal notes, the divine jewellery of Elizabeth Taylor, and Vincent van Gogh’s portrait of Dr. Gachet that set the world record for a painting, costing more than US$82.5 million. Mainly based in London and New York, Christie’s has now spread all over the globe selling only the finest items and collectibles money can buy. Christie’s has held auctions in many countries such as Hong Kong, France, the UK, and also Indonesia.



Photo: Courtesy of Sotheby's

Although first acknowledged as an international auction house in 1955, Sotheby’s had been renowned for selling luxury goods since 1744 when it expanded from London to New York. It offers countless forms of paintings, artworks, watches, and wines, and has seen sales from some of the finest artists like Pablo Picasso, Peter Raul Rubens, and the world record in 2010 for the most expensive jewellery item sold when Mr Laurence Graff bought the Fancy Intense Pink Diamond for £29.5 million. Sotheby’s has expanded into so many countries, including France, the US, the Netherlands, as well as Indonesia.



Photo: Courtesy of Phillips

Founded in 1796 by James Christie’s former senior clerk, Harry Phillips, even by the early stages of its business, Phillips has been housing sales by some of the most significant contemporary figures such as Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Beau Brummel. Now, Phillips focuses on contemporary artworks, photography, and design by the world’s finest. It has held auctions in many countries, such as Switzerland, South Korea, Russia, and also Indonesia.



Photo: Courtesy of LARASATI

Starting out with its first auction in Jakarta in April 2000, LARASATI has now expanded its business with branches in other leading countries such as China and the Netherlands, featuring only the most significant artworks and objects. Although young, this auction house has succeeded in achieving its target to become a major player in Asian markets as well as being recognised as the first Asia-based auction house that has crossed national borders. LARASATI holds auctions in Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta, the UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.



Photo: Courtesy of MASTERPIECE

Presenting various artwork collections from leading modern and contemporary artists in Southeast Asia and Asia, MASTERPIECE Auction House has been recognised as the biggest and most-active auction house in Indonesia. The initial aim of this house was to enrich the art market and encourage the development of Indonesian arts; it has now also held auctions in Singapore and Malaysia.



Photo: Courtesy of Sidharta

“Sidharta Auction always selects something for everyone, because we believe that beauty is in the eyes of beholders and should not be valued merely by the thickness of their pocket,” says this auction house’s website. Selecting only unique Indonesian artworks, Sidharta aims to be the primary auctioneer for collectors and sightseers alike. Sidharta has been remarked as very diverse as it not only presents the most well-known artists, but also talented and emerging ones.



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