December is coming and that can only mean one thing: family time! As the holiday break is fast approaching and plans are being made to gather for Christmas and the New Year, many of us are starting to get festive and ready to catch up with extended relatives from out of town. It wouldn’t be right for them to leave empty-handed now, would it? With this in mind, for the ultimate authentic Indonesian gift-giving, we recommend to you these seven iconic places where you can get handicrafts and souvenirs perfect for your loved ones.

Alun Alun Indonesia

Dubbing itself as the “Window of Indonesia”, Alun Alun is well known as a one-stop shop for all things Indonesian, including souvenirs, batik, and handicrafts. What steals many hearts at this shop is how amazingly Indonesian it is, with its goal in mind of showcasing the country’s abundant culture and heritage. Alun Alun Indonesia is available at Grand Indonesia and Central Park Mall.

Chic Mart Kemang

Located in the heart of Kemang, Chic Mart Kemang has long been an all-time favourite for many. It provides a wide selection of handicrafts, knick-knacks, aromatherapy products, home decorations, and much more, all sourced from both within and outside of country.


What started out as an exclusive shop for batik and traditional handicrafts with the name of “Sarinah Jaya” in the Blok M area, Pasaraya has now expanded to sell more products and has spread to more spots across the city. It is also well known for its choice of clothes and local snacks.

Pasar Santa

Mostly known as one of the city’s must-visit culinary spots, Pasar Santa is a traditional market located close to the Senopati and Gunawarman areas of South Jakarta. Not only does it offer mouthwatering food and iconic vinyl records, the cool kids’ hangout spot also houses several shops offering antiques and handicrafts perfect for souvenirs this holiday.

Kem Chicks

Starting out as a small convenience store in Kemang offering local and imported goods, Kem Chicks has become one of the most well-known spots for those seeking souvenirs, handicrafts, and furniture proudly made in Indonesia. The selection is well curated, promising, and tempting. Other than its own official store, Kem Chicks is also available in Pacific Place.

Galeri Indonesia WOW

Managed exclusively by the State Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs, Galeri Indonesia WOW aims to showcase the best of quality Indonesian products sourced from all 34 provinces. Although the shop upscales the prices up to 25 per cent, the goods are well worth the cash judging by the good quality. Visit it now at SME Tower.

Batik Keris

It wouldn’t be right for us to exclude one of the biggest and oldest batik stores in the country, Batik Keris. With more than 88 branches all over the country, it is a prominent source of quality batik and handicrafts. It also offers many variations to its products ranging from affordable silk batik to premium items. In Jakarta, you can find its stores at Pacific Place, Plaza Indonesia, Puri Indah Mall, Pondok Indah Mall, and many others.


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