Like it or not, K-pop is one of the most famous music genres in the world at the moment. Hallyuwave, aka the “Korean wave”, is spreading the magic of K-pop, bands giving the music industry a fresh new sound. From rap to pop-dance moves, K-pop always manages to provide entertainment for its fans. If you’re wondering why these K-pop stars are so adored, we’ve compile for you a handy guide to help you understand which K-pop group belong to which genre, as well as related artists.

K-pop royalty: Super Junior

One of the most-well-known K-pop groups is Super Junior or SuJu. Having debuted in 2005 with 13 members, Super Junior gained international recognition following the launch of their single “Sorry, Sorry” in 2009. Right up to now, SuJu keeps on promoting their music with nine active members. SuJu also managed to serve up a great performance at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta.

More K-pop royalty you should listen to: TVXQ, SHINee, Bigbang

Hip-hop kings: Bigbang

Dubbed as the Kings of K-pop, Bigbang are one of the essential K-pop groups that every hip-hop lover must listen to. Having debuted in 2006 and consisting of five members, including eccentric leader G-Dragon, Bigbang have succeed in producing many famous K-pop songs like “Fantastic Baby”, “Lie”, “Bang Bang Bang”, and many more. However, Bigbang are in a hiatus now since four of the five member are currently enlisted in the military.

Another hip-hop K-pop star you should listen to: Epik High

Well-known boy band of the moment: BTS

Dubbed one of the most successful K-pop groups in the world, BTS contains of seven members and have managed to topped the Billboard 200, appeared on American talk shows, attended prestigious music awards, among many other achievements. And if you’re wondering what makes them so adorable and adored, start listening to their song “DNA” or “Blood, Sweet and Tears”, and you’ll know why.

Other well-known boy bands you should listen to: EXO, Ikon, WANNA ONE, Seventeen

Cute and sweet girl group: Girls’ Generation or SNSD

One of the most famous and respected girl groups in K-pop industry are Girls’ Generation, or SNSD. Debuting in 2007 with nine members, SNSD keeps dominating the K-pop music charts with hit singles like “Gee”, “Tell Me Your Wish”, and “I Got The Boys”. Their single “Gee” is known for its catchy melody and dance moves and is one of the best-selling K-pop songs of all time. Even though four members of SNSD decided to quit the group, SNSD will continue making music with the remaining members.

Other sweet K-pop girl groups you should listen to: Twice, Apink, Red Velvet

Fierce girl group : BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK are the newest generation of K-pop groups. Containing of four gorgeous members, BLACKPINK gained worldwide stardom after the release of their last single “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”. A combination of powerful dance moves, sassy music, exquisite vocals, and rap, it should come as no surprise why BLACKPINK will remain the K-pop girl group many will love the most.

Other fierce K-pop girl groups you should listen to: 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls

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