Between February 14 and March 10, Galeri Nasional Indonesia was home to myriad works by Sasya Tranggono, exhibiting her paintings that touched on the themes of wayang, butterflies, and flowers. Entitled “Love for Indonesia”, Sasya, through her exhibition, aimed to reach out to millennials to encourage them develop the same kind of passion towards Indonesia as she has.

“Other than paying tribute to my 30 years of work as a painter, this exhibition is also to celebrate the curator, my dear mentor, Jim Supangkat, who is the reason I am where I am today in terms of my career in spite of not having studied art,” explains Sasya.

Jim encouraged Sasya to tell the world her story by bringing her into the national gallery 30 years later. This will be the opening to her exhibition tour this year, which is to be held around Europe and the US. One of the renowned museums and galleries her works will be displayed in is the Museu Fundação Oriente in Lisbon, Portugal.

Sasya’s artwork and installations revolve around her passion for wayang golek—a story she is determined to share with the rest of the world. Her recent exhibition showcased one installation, 21 wayang paintings, nine flower-themed paintings done using acrylic on canvas, and 10 butterfly-themed stone art pieces. On a side note, Sasya shares a little secret: “I love to purchase some of the materials I use to paint on and with from overseas.”

She was determined to spread her message through the specific themes she chose. Butterflies and flowers, for instance, are symbols of the development of light from, depicting change the world needs to see. And, of course, wayang depicts her love for Indonesia.


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