Our story begins with a fresh new employee coming in to start his first day of work. For our newbie, the feelings are usually a mixture of fear, excitement, happiness, and worry. Worry about first impressions, worry about whether or not he’ll make new friends, worry about his boss, and the many other things that a new employee usually feels on the first day.

However, Koinworks proves to be a place that surprises all his expectations. As a P2P lending company that aims to connect investors and borrowers through advanced technology, Koinworks seems to have created a creative and autonomous environment for its staff to grow and learn while maintaining a familial atmosphere that encourages openness and a deeper connection between individuals.

It tries hard to minimise differences between C-level executives and those below them to encourage equality and to create an open space to exchange ideas freely. It provides a safe space in which borrowers or lenders who are looking to find out more about its services can just drop by anytime and talk to one of the staff. Meanwhile, an event space is not only used to host educational workshops, but to be used as a hangout place for employees during lunchtimes, or after work to catch up with their peers or just laze around after a long day of work.

Thankfully, the new employee in this video didn’t suffer an anxiety attack during his first day, as Koinworks took him on a journey of acceptance and belonging that, at the end of the day, brought a smile to his face.

For more info on P2P lending and Koinworks, visit www.koinworks.com

Curious to find out in detail about the new employee’s journey? Watch the video above or go to Indonesia Tatler’s YouTube channel for more interesting videos!

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