It’s no lie that handling a social life and work life is an unending schedule of errands and places to be at that getting a full eight hours sleep almost seems impossible. With everyone working hard, redefining success and making their way to social events as well, we are bound to have a “bad face day” every now and then. There are a million reasons as to why this may happen, but the main one may be due to lack of sleep which leads to have exhausted face. But, fret not for Indonesia Tatler has come up with five easy ways you can simply hide your exhausted face and wear a smile and shine all day!

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Stating the obvious, a tired face definitely comes with a circle of dark eyes and puffy eyebags. When it comes to dark circles, a makeup corrector and a concealer is your new best friends. Apply under the eyes and dab till the dark circles look less visible. However, when it comes to having puffy eyes, putting something cold over eyes almost always does the job well. Applying sliced cucumber, tea bags, aloe vera, or even an ice cube under the eyes always tend to do the job.

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We are 99% sure you’ve heard the wonders water can do for your body and your skin. Of course soda, coffee, juices, booze does taste better but always try to replace them with water whenever you can. Water doesn’t only helps reduce dehydration of your skin, but also helps your skin shine and glow better. Take it up a notch to 12 glasses of water a day and you’ll definitely see results in your skin looking shinier than ever before.

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Taking a cold shower will definitely wake you up. As tempting as a hot shower sounds, taking a cold shower actually helps keep the skin and the hair healthy as well. Cold showers closes up our pores and keep us shining and radiating. Hot showers, with the warmth and comfort, are known to make us sleepy but on the other hand, cold showers are known to wake us up quickly.

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Having a proper and a genuine skincare routine may be hard to keep up with at times, but investing in skincare and applying it on a regular basis can genuinely work wonders for your skin. Whether it’s a homemade face mask or one of the fancy ones you pick up from Sephora, a face mask will definitely change a sleepy complexion to a much more radiating one. Invest in facemasks, cleansers, moisturizers and cream that will help your skin for the better of it in the near future.

Lipstick to the rescuebeauty-girl-lip-gloss-6393.jpg

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Sleep deprived and got a full day of things to do? Simply look representable with a bright shade of lipstick. Whether its light pink, bright red, baby pink or even a shade of nude, applying lipstick definitely brightens a tired face. Lipsticks have the ability to make you look from sleepy to lovely in minutes. Think of it this way: a coloured lips distract people from noticing the tiredness on your face.


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