Considering getting cosmetic surgery in Seoul but a bit apprehensive? New to cosmetic surgery and want to know what the process entails? Feeling overwhelmed by what you may need to prepare to travel to Korea?

Fret no more. VIP Plastic Surgery Center, the leading premier plastic surgery clinic in Korea, makes it easy for international patients to feel confident and to experience the best of Korean plastic surgery. VIP is well known locally and abroad for its advanced cosmetic procedures and pioneering doctor, Doctor Myung Ju Lee.

With more than 18 years in practice and zero malpractice incidences, VIP Plastic Surgery Center is a destination beauty haven. VIP provides a one-stop plastic surgery experience for its international patients that includes airport transfer, accommodation, interpretation, post-op recovery treatments, concierge services, and many more.

Seoul: the epicentre of beauty

Widely hailed as the plastic surgery capital of the world, hundreds of thousands of people travel to Seoul for their aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. This has become possible due to the Korean government's commitment to medical tourism.

In comparison with most of the world, Seoul is exceptionally advanced in medical services, and its infrastructure. VIP Plastic Surgery Center's motto is "Quality over Quantity", which is evidenced in its customer-centric offerings and commitment to patient safety.

Find out why one patient chose VIP Clinic as their clinic of choice:

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Before you arrive in Korea

The VIP Team is committed to guiding each international patient every step of the way. Your journey starts with a personal coordinator who will be your contact person throughout your whole trip. She will provide a customised recommendation from the doctor, quote for the procedure(s), arrange accommodation, book your consultation appointment and arrange for airport transfer. Need a medical visa? No worries, she will help with securing that too.

Arriving in Korea

Arriving in Korea, you will be met by a private driver who will whisk you away to VIP facilities in the heart of Gangnam where you will be greeted warmly by the staff. After you have had time to relax, it is time to have your consultation with your doctor.

Pre-op, surgery & recovery

During the consultation, the doctor will find out about your concerns and goals, and you will work together to come up with a customised surgical plan. You will be thoroughly informed about the details of the surgery and what to expect. To ensure that you are in the best condition for your particular operation, VIP arranges several examinations before your surgery such as a blood test, a urine test, a chest X-ray and an EKG. You will be advised on what to expect on surgery day.

To see VIP's Patient's Surgery Day Experience, watch here: 

The premier one-stop plastic surgery experience includes VIP accommodations where patients spend their recovery time. This is equipped with all the comforts of home: WiFi, comfortable bed, kitchen, a/c, heating, and more. Extensive post-care services will be provided which includes shampoo service, skin care treatments, and doctor's dressing treatment.

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After being cleared by the doctor, it is time to fly back home. There's no need to worry about your checkups as VIP has a clinic in Jakarta, DRVIP Clinic, where you can consult with a doctor after your surgery, and where you can have your post-surgery checkups there.

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