Eccentric looks, sophisticated designers, fancy dresses are what the much-anticipated Crazy Rich Asians film is all about. Costume designer, Mary Vogt definitely shaped the characters with the perfect costumes for each of them. If you’ve watch the film, or even just the trailer, you’ll notice how each costume portrays each character so well. Both international and local brands played a huge part in the film and each look defines the character in their flamboyant and luxurious nuance. So crazy, so rich and definitely so Asian - here are the six characters from Crazy Rich Asians who wore stunning designer outfits that we definitely found the need to discuss.

Nick Young (Henry Golding)

Young, handsome and rich is our very own leading man, Nick Young. Wearing a signature white linen suit that screams handsome, Nick Young is the epitome of a perfect gentleman. Vogt says this look was inspired by The Great Gatsby and that was the look they wanted to give handsome Nick. The white linen suit was provided from a custom tailor shop in Kuala Lumpur named “Wardrobe.” Wardrobe has been making customized clothing since the early 1920s. Throughout the movie, most of Nick’s wardrobe were custom-made, due to the immense number of wonderful tailors they have in Malaysia. Throughout the film, other designers Nick Young worn are Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana and Dsquared2.

Rachel Chu (Constance Wu)

When your character is involved in almost every scene of the film, of course choosing the right wardrobe is important. Yes, we’re talking about the stunning Rachel Chu, who plays Nick’s girlfriend. What’s unique with this character is how different she looks from everyone else in the movie. With the best of both worlds, Rachel flaunts two different styles in the film. Back in America, Rachel is seen decked out in more American style, wearing a lot of Ralph Lauren. While in Singapore, Rachel is donned in stunning Versace pieces, boasting vibrant colours, bright gold and, of course, a stunning smile.

Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh)

Elegant and beautiful is what Nick’s mom, Eleanor Young, is all about. Without even trying, Eleanor is elegant and definitely royal. Her iconic Valentino burgundy caped gown marked her entry in the film. Throughout the film, Eleanor is dressed in everything designer. Shiny jewelleries, stunning shoes and all that is what you would see Eleanor in. She was also seen rocking few outfits from Giorgio Armani and Carolina Herrera too in the film.

Astrid Young Teo (Gemma Chan)crazy-rich-asians-astrid-gemma-chan-white-dress.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Astrid Young, who plays Nick’s beguiling cousin has one of the best wardrobes throughout the whole movie. Sassy, glamorous and definitely fabulous is what Astrid is. Her introduction at the movie saw her in statement shades and a pink dress by Christian Dior. The film’s costume designer, Vogt, did her best to make sure Astrid wore an introductory outfit that completely portrays her character. Throughout the movie, Astrid will also be seen wearing a hot-pink, fully-jewelled Alexander Mcqueen gown and a shiny silver Ralph Lauren piece as well.

Peik Lin Goh (Awkafina)awkwafina.w700.h467.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Quirky and full of joy is how one describes Nick’s cousin, Peik Lin. Portrayed by American actress Awkafina, her character wears a blonde wig throughout the movie which made her look extra adorable. Her dog-patterned pajama set by Stella McCartney looks just right for her character. Awkafina also wears a local designer called Chi Chi Von Tang in Crazy Rich Asians.

Wye Mun Goh (Ken Jeong)

Wye Mun Goh, the character who plays Peik Lin’s father, embodies everything from the 90s and definitely extra. The fun-filled and vibrant character wore lots of patterns and motifs and you can spot a Versace when you see one on him. The Versace tracksuit features matching patterns and everything bold, something rich Asians would definitely wear.

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