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She hits the snooze button, jumps out of bed, and grabs her Shopping Phone Holder bag on the way out to the traditional market. In the afternoon, she’s spotted lounging with her Hourglass Top Handle bag at the hottest Parisian café before quickly hitting the parking lot in her Triple S trainer to head off for a meeting.
Balenciaga’s winter 2019 collection understands youthful lifestyles, with a love of all things handy and wearers who will always stylishly go all-out—no matter the occasion.

One of the season’s highlights is the Hourglass Top Handle bag, which answers the need for edgy elegance and is a perfect choice for everyone. Either carried in one hand, off the shoulder, or simply sitting pretty on any table, this lady is Balenciaga’s latest arrival and available in three different sizes: extra-small, small, and medium.

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Facing a dynamic and complex world while remaining rooted in the notions of genderless luxury with simple yet  bold statements, Balenciaga has really stepped up its game with its latest collection. The brand also subtly plays with the printed big “B” logo on its sleek designs in black, white, grey, and even reddish or shocking pink for an extra oomph. However, each item still speaks through its unique function to integrate a whole day-to-day look.


As the pioneer of high-end street style, everyone seeks to copy Balenciaga’s cool DNA, while others covet owning its effortless and edgy-yet-comfy designs. As the brand is positioning to push beyond boundaries, this season’s newly released item breaks all of society’s stigmas. The booming runner shoes, for example, perfectly merge socks with shoes in one piece, which still runs strong during the fashion show this season—producing Balenciaga’s simple and sporty vibe to challenge society’s conventional mindset about how every piece of clothing should follow the ordinary rules of dressing.