Webp.net-resizeimage (1).jpgIt was a spark at that moment in time when Rinaldy Yunardi, who used to sell tiaras, decided to use his lunchtime to tinker around with wires and acrylic in his brother’s electronic store. Rinaldy had never dreamed of being known as an accessories maker or a milliner, and yet he saw a Victorian pattern emerge to become his own design of a tiara. “Why did I continue to experiment from then on?” Rinaldy asks rhetorically. “There’s no exact answer other than God moved my heart to create, which made me curious about what would come out of it.”

Today, Rinaldy is a milliner and accessories designer whose name has spread around the globe for his daring and darling designs, and with a schedule that sees the first half of theyear filli ng fast—both from having his own shows and also supporting other designers. Not knowing anything about fashion or accessories didn’t stop Rinaldy from pursuing the path to create; using books to study and having mentors and friends in the industry have helped him to learn new techniques and to continue forming fresh ideas that go outside the box.

Webp.net-resizeimage (2).jpgBefore translating his imagination into sketches, Rinaldy plans thoroughly the materials that will be used, the purpose and meaning behind that piece and material, and lastly the techniques required. He constantly searches through his experience, from the Internet, and the world around him for  inspiration, because even when the sketches are done, reinvention will continue on to his experiments until the final product is finished. “For me, each piece is an artwork in progress where I keep on working hard to realise my vision,” he says. “I want my work to be the best, even though the final result will not be 100 per cent the same with the original idea as I go on through different stages of experiments,” Rinaldy says.

Even after he saves the first finished draft of sketch, reinventions and experiments will continue until the final product is finished— almost to the point of not sleeping for him. “Every day I work and dream about them, because this is my happiness,” Rinaldy says.

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