We are two days into 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited. Another important thing to take into consideration is the different fashion trends predictions that we will be talking about in 2019. With comebacks from 2018 such as puffy sleeves and up-to-the minute trends like faux leather earrings, it definitely will be a year full of fashionable surprises. If you’re not caught up yet, fret not! Indonesia Tatler has listed down ten looks everyone will be wearing in 2019 especially for you.

Faux leather earringsfaux-leather-earrings-269976-1539302719198-main.1200x0c.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Kate Spade

Accessories are just as important when it comes to fashion. Faux leather has been an ongoing fabric trend for the past year, but this year we see faux leather earrings. Available in a range of colours, there is one out there for everyone. Complete your winter look with a faux leather earrings and conquer the day.

Sequins jumpsuits

Sequins are making a massive comeback and this time on jumpsuits. Sequin jumpsuits are every girl’s go-to night-out look, and this trend is definitely here to stay. With different colours of black, green, or even multi-coloured, catch everyone bringing sequins back!

Puffy sleeves

Oh, the joy of hearing that this awesome 2018 trend isn’t going anywhere! Puffy sleeves, the ticket to looking even more bold and sophisticated, are back in 2019. Puffy sleeves work best with square necklines or chic dresses, and next season it’s only going to get puffier.

Oversized hats

Everybody loves all things oversized! On the spring/summer 18 runways, we spotted a lot of oversized hats worn by models walking down the runway. These oversized hats come in different shapes, forms, sizes, and colours, which makes them unique and gives everybody a chance to have one.

Eco-friendly fashiongettyimages.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Another trend that’s here to stay is eco-friendly fashion, that is without a doubt growing every day and we couldn’t be happier. Eco-friendly fashion involves the act of slow fashion to ensure a safer and a more sustainable approach in the fashion industry. With the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and lots of others playing a role in this ongoing trend, we know it’s one to stay. Go green!

Knit-pleated skirts

Everybody loves to stay comfortable yet extremely fashionable at the same time. Knit-pleated skirts are making their debut in 2019 and expect them to be seen on everyone sooner than ever. What makes this even better? The skirts are available in both a mini- and a midi-length, which obviously makes them perfect both for the summer and the winter.


We can’t wait to see fringes on everything! In 2019, expect to spot fringes on jackets, skirts, bags, outers, and literally everything else. This Western-inspired trend took off and is loved by everyone. Fringes all day every day!


Another unforeseen yet spectacular comebacks are capes. From plain to patterned to other kinds of cape sensations available this season, expect every girl’s wardrobe to have one! And the fun thing is capes will be a great costume come next Halloween!

Printed scarves

Another fashion craze you should expect in 2019 is printed scarves. Printed scarves are the perfect item as they can make a simple outfit look stylish and a formal one look even more stylish. Florals, stripes, artsy twists… You name it, printed scarves have it all.

80s jackets

The 80s packed some of the best fashion and its jackets are back in 2019. These jackets are loose and short and pair perfectly with absolutely anything!

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