Adinda Bakrie, mum of two adorable children Kierra and Kellan, is a combination of smarts and beauty. She graduated magna cum laude in business management from Babson College in the US and is now pursuing her master’s degree in psychology in Los Angeles. Adinda currently lives in California with her two kids, and aside from studying, she also loves exercising and travelling the world in stylish and eclectic ensembles. Without further ado, here are 10 of her best looks.

 Coachella ready

Adinda, who is a regular at Coachella, looks youthful in this casual ensemble: black tee, denim shorts, knee-high socks, sports shoes, sunglasses, and striking yellow backpack.

 Army mood

For a night out, Adinda opts for A Bathing Ape oversized green army hoodie paired with black thigh-high boots and black handbag.

 Denim blue

Showing off her svelte figure in Tulum in Mexico, Adinda shines in this off-the-shoulder denim top and shorts paired with white sneakers.

 Keeping mum

Posing with her two adorable children in front of the Staples Center in LA, Adinda looks casual yet trendy in a black jacket layered on top of black sports bra, black pants, and thigh-high burgundy boots.

 Malibu girl

Posing in a store in Malibu, Adinda wears a white top, black jacket, black shorts, black hat, and tan sneakers, and carries a small backpack.

 Sporty chic

Visiting New York City, Adinda sits on a building rooftop clad in blue caged sports bra, loose blue tank top, black leggings, and white sneakers.

 Hawaiian summer

Travelling to Waikiki Beach, Adinda is clad in a blue off-the-shoulder mini dress that emphasises her slender figure paired with black-and-white sneakers.

 Formal Adinda

Attending a formal occasion, Adinda is clad in a green long-sleeved maxi dress paired with tan pumps and a green clutch.

 Samurai in action

While in Kyoto, Adinda, holding a katana, plays dress-up in this traditional samurai ensemble.

 Kimono Flair

Visiting a temple in Kyoto, Adinda looks beautiful in this black kimono with pink flower motif.

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