Vwi62Erw.jpegOnce again, Saint Laurent has succeeded in uniting elegance and uniqueness. Just take a look at the latest Saint Laurent Women Summer 2019 collection, in which each of the looks portrays dynamic individuality created by mixing elements from different decades that delivers timeless elegance.

Combining styles from the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s fashion, Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello cleverly blended them all and rebirthed them once again. “It’s a silhouette created by a variety of pieces inspired by different eras and timeless icons. Eclecticism is the freedom to build yourself, express your own personality, and respect your complexity,” said Vaccarello.

Vaccarello was inspired by the way Paloma Picasso is able to recreate styles from the ’40s and make them her own. However, he bravely took a whole new step in which he is not just bringing back the style from one decade but every decade.

Under his elegant and modest hand, he has managed to produce boyish silhouettes yet still remains the feminine aspects of the models. Saint Laurent Summer 2019 presentation recently took place after sunset underneath the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, resulting in picturesque scenes that caught people’s attention.

vncPJOkQ.jpegMuch diversity in fashion can be seen, such as fierce-looking swimsuits dominated by black one-pieces, sweeping cocktail dresses, and glittering tuxedos that illuminated the scene under the heart of Paris.

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