The ladies weren’t the only ones who graced our Indonesia Tatler Ball 2018 stylishly: the gents, too, proved to be just as dapper. Walking and dancing confidently with sharp suits and ties, these gentlemen did it with style. From the dazzling jet-skier Aero Aswar to the brilliant designer Samuel Wongso, we list some of the best-dressed men who graced the Indonesia Tatler Ball 2018.

Riki Kono Basmeleh


Standing charmingly between the beautiful Jayne Singgih and Sastya Wardani, Riki Kono Basmeleh smiles confidently wearing matching blue suit and tie—complemented by perfectly suited loafers.

Agus Yudhoyono and Rasyid Rajasa


Agus Yudhoyono, Annisa Pohan, Aliya Rajasa, and Rasyid Rajasa pose charmingly while giving us dazzling looks. Agus Yudhoyono and Rasyid Rajasa appear elegant as they stand coolly in black-and-white suits.

Revano Satria


A black-and-white suit with bow tie: the definite choice for a dashing look—and that’s exactly what Revano Satria wore to our exclusive evening. You could tell it was a perfect look for him as he wore it raffishly against the divine sight of Stephanie Nastasyaan in green.

Aero Aswar and Hendra Nugraha


Standing handsomely beside the fabulous Natasha Ratulangi, the two men are just as elegant, posing with simple yet gallant grey and black-and-white suits.

Samuel Wongso


Matching fiercely with his fiancée Jacqueline Sehonanda, Samuel Wongso does not fail to amaze everyone with his blazing red suit beautifully designed with touches of batik.

Caren Delano


Caren Delano looks both sharp and dashing, which matches perfectly with Susanti Tio and her black dress with the bottom having an elegant batik pattern.

Patrick Von Rueti


To keep it neat with Delia Von Rueti’s elegant dress, Patrick Von Rueti matches his style accordingly with black-and-white suit and tie.

Rinaldy A. Yunardi


You can count on the prestigious milliner Rinaldy A. Yunardi to stand out from the crowd with his amazing look. All in black, Rinaldy appears chic with a jacket by Agus Lim and WidePans by Tri Handoko.

Patrick Owen


As one of the most notable young Indonesian designers, it wouldn’t be right for Patrick Owen to not go all-out. Although simple, Patrick dresses sharply in an elegant black suit and complementing vibrant white shirt.

Lius Widjaja


The co-founder of Quintessentially Lius Widjaja smiles generously as he poses beside the vibrantly dressed Andrea Gunawan. Contrary to Andrea’s dress, he sports a simplistic black-and-white suit with a nice black bow tie.

Sarasin Soegomo


Sarasin Soegomo exudes a dashing look with a grey suit and light shirt, perfectly suited to complementing the blazing red of Intan Soekotjo’s dress.

Wongso Brothers


Stephen Wongso and Joshua Wongso pair up perfectly with black suits and bow ties. The two appear extravagant while posing on our red carpet.

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