Generation T


Natasha Vinski

CEO of Vinski Tower and Aero Queen

Natasha Cinta Vinski is the CEO of Vinski Tower, an anti-ageing and preventive medicine clinic in Ciputat, South Jakarta, founded by her mother, Dr Deby Vinski, as well as CEO of Aero Queen, a Singapore-based helicopter vendor previously led by her late father Ivan Vinski. 

She is a doctor, having graduated top of her class as Bachelor of Medical and Surgery from Christian University of Indonesia, and has been accepted in the MBA programme of an Ivy League university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Natasha launched her first fashion business, Foxxy, when she was 17. This multitalented businesswoman is also the founder of Love Humanity NCV, a non-government organisation that provides medical aid to the less privileged.

At Vinski Tower, Natasha largely focuses on the management of the Vinski Regenerative Centre clinic, which is equipped with world-class facilities and which provides a wide range of services from regenerative treatment to stem cell therapy.