Generation T


Vanessa Ong

Bringing her family’s Njonja Meneer business of traditional herbal elixirs bang up to date, Vanessa started Djamoe Workshop in 2014 to teach the younger generation the ages-old knowledge of home remedies. She then co-founded Jamu Jamu Co to further promote the elixirs with modern packaging and collaborated in The Healthy Affairs outlet in Plaza Indonesia earlier this year. Always keeping her physical and mental health in check, Vanessa is a black belt in tae kwon do who also trains in muay Thai and has been involved in artistic productions as of last year. One was in collaboration with the solo exhibition of Nindityo Adipurnomo in which he requested her to appreciate and comment on his borrowed artwork. Vanessa also played in a Titimangsa Production based on a novel of the same title, The Rose of Cikembang, as one of the main protagonist’s love interests in a story of love and betrayal.