In the spirit of appreciating local craftsmanship, we sat with Revano Satria, the 33-year-old architect from Semarang who has taken on international projects with his company, RSI Group. Often travelling from one head office in Indonesia to another, Revano keeps busy with both MSSM Associates and RevaStudio: the two companies under RSI Group.

With his culturally diverse co-workers, Revano is always finding new ways to spice up architectural designs in Indonesia. After gaining valuable lessons from studying abroad and having taken part in impressive projects such as Zaha Hadid’s 2010 project in Cairo, Revano has chosen to come back to Indonesia to help developing his home country’s progress in architectural projects.

What has been your most challenging project?

Actually, every project is challenging because every project is contextual, so we always have very different and very personal approaches. One of our signature moves when we design is to understand the client from the very core of his or her personality, and we try to create a silver lining from there.

Usually when I start a project I ask my client to have an interview first and from there I try to learn about his or her personality, dreams, achievements—everything about my client—because we believe that every project is personal and special. For example, if I design a house for a chef, the centre of the house is the kitchen from where you can oversee everything in your house. You have the story, you have the history, and you know why. Your house is designed like that.

How do you stay inspired?

In order to stay inspired as an architect, you have to have a really good lifestyle—not the luxurious lifestyle, but the good lifestyle, like staying curious about going to a new place and trying new things. It’s almost impossible these days to stay inspired just by working from your desk when there are so many design inspirations and things going on these days, unlike 40 years ago when the world was working at a slower pace. Now that it’s much faster, you have to be really open-minded and know what’s happening today and what will happen in the next five years.

If you could design a house for any superhero, who would it be for and how would it look?

Well… I like all of them, but maybe Wonder Woman.

Curious to see Revano’s design for the Wonder Woman house? Make sure you check out the video interview above.

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