As a part of her Opus development project in Dubai, senior architect Zaha Hadid has completed her design for the ME Dubai Hotel, which will open to the public in 2016. Located at the Burj Khalifa, beside the world’s tallest building, the hotel features a futuristic design style. The London-based architect was assigned to work on both the exterior and interior, including the Michelin-starred restaurant and bar. Branded as a contemporary resort and urban hotel, ME Hotel Dubai has a mission to challenge the design staples of other luxury hotels in Dubai.

Together with Hadid, the hotel decided to use muted colour tones and futuristic touches both inside and out. The lobby was designed with tall sculptured walls and organic surfaces. Meanwhile, the reception area was placed beneath a glazed void that splits the 95-metre-tall building in two. A metallic finish totally dominates this public area, which also featured gigantic glass spheres hung beneath the atrium’s glazed roof. The artwork, designed by Hadid, will be moved from London’s B&A Museum, where it is currently installed for London Design Festival 2014.

Besides the grand reception and luxurious Michelin- starred restaurant and bar, Hadir also designed 100 rooms, including four penthouses, custom furniture and private access ways to terraced areas. In line with the other areas, the rooms were designed with a modern and futuristic feel, featuring angular beds. Whites and pastel accents topped off the elegant combination. The £235-million project in Dubai will be completed in 2016 and will be the newest iconic building in a country already brimming with luxury.