Don't feel blue—elevate your bedroom with resort-inspired details that will put you in a holiday mood.

 Evoke the luxury of resort-style bathrooms by creating a soothing space you’ll almost never want to leave. If you have the space for it, a freestanding bathtub (such as the elegant wave-shaped Pescadero bath from Victoria + Albert, available at Bathroom Gallery) can be the ultimate luxury, as it allows you to fully recline into the tub and enjoy soaking in soapy suds. Then add a touch of greenery with potted plants or a vase of fresh flowers, to bring the outdoors into your spa-like sanctuary.

Opt for neutral tones and soft textures to create a space of comfort for you and your beloved. Other luxuriously tactile touches such as a plush headboard for your bed, ottomans (such as these from King Living) and cosy carpeting add snugness to your room, creating a conducive environment for rest and slumber.

Let a landscape art piece bring back pleasant memories of your beach vacation. Choose from the limited edition photography prints from Lumas Gallery, such as ALB100 by Rafael Neff. The serene blues of the sea instantly provide a calming touch to your bedroom, too.

Bring the villa vibe into your home with tropical patterns on your cushions. Think prints that feature flora and fauna for playful decor accents to your bedroom. Top picks include the floral designs from Marimekko (pictured), and the leafy finds from Designers Guild. Available at Romanez.

Pick nature-inspired details for lamps in your room, to contribute to the resort feel. Skura Design’s Coconut Zoetrope lighting collection features intricately carved coconut shells. When lit at night, they shine with beautiful shadow-play in your room.


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