To support its huge and growing population, Jakarta requires mega-buildings, so it comes as no surprise that it provides plenty of skyscrapers standing high among its surroundings. Curious? Read on to know more about some of the most majestic titans in Jakarta.

Gama Tower


Make way for the tallest building in Jakarta. Completed in 2016, Gama Tower, commonly known as Menara Rasuna, tops all other buildings in the city and has been ranked as among the top-100 tallest building in Asia. Standing over 285 metres high with 64 floors, it hosts The Westin Jakarta and business offices.

Wisma 46

Completed in 1996, Wisma 46 has become a local landmark and is stated as one of the oldest skyscrapers in Jakarta. At more than 260 metres high and with 46 floors, the offices it houses oversee every other building in the area.

Menara Astra

Housing many businesses, including retail and food courts, Menara Astra has long been one of the most well-known skyscrapers in Jakarta. Although it was only topped off in February 2017, Menara Astra has an office building with 51 floors above ground and stands firm at over 260 metres tall.

Sahid Sudirman Center

Commonly called as Sudirman Center, this building is the fourth-tallest building in the city. It stands along the same open road as Menara Astra and has a height of 258 metres with 50 floors.

Raffles Jakarta

Raffles Jakarta is famous for constantly offering the best in hospitality and luxury, but what’s just as impressive about the hotel is that it is also one of the tallest buildings in The Big Durian. Standing at 253 metres tall with 52 floors, it is a part of the Ciputra World Jakarta 1 complex in the lavish Kuningan area.

The Pakubuwono Signature

Standing gallantly among The Pakubuwono Development complex, The Pakubuwono Signature tops any other building around the area. Offering luxury in contemporary standards for apartments, it also provides astonishing views at a height of 252 metres and 52 floors.

Sinarmas MSIG Tower

The chock-full street of Sudirman houses a plethora of office buildings with some being the most influential in the city. Among the high-rises, Sinarmas MSIG Tower, also known as Chase Tower, stand out from the rest. Completed in 2015, Sinarmas MSIG Tower is 245 metres tall and has 48 floors.



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