Photo: Unsplash is already known as the leading and number one premium lifestyle and high-society portal in Indonesia. But, not everything is about luxury, as time goes by now has become a one-stop lifestyle platform with daily updates, expanding and covering to all things that are most interesting, popular, viral, and the best of various aspects of lifestyle.

We regularly produce fresh content every day, but now we also want to allow you to take centre stage! Now we’re inviting writers in a variety of lifestyle-related fields to submit content on by joining our network of contributors!

Join the Indonesia Tatler Contributor Network, as this is a new platform that allows everyone, especially those who like to write, to share their knowledge, passions, and insights in the form of information or opinions ranging from personal experiences to tips, listicles, and opinions on general news.

What newsworthy events are happening in your area? What’s your take on the biggest stories or trending topics of the day? Or do you have some tips that you think will be useful to readers? Those are some examples of stories or insights that we want you to share through the Indonesia Tatler Contributor Network.

As a contributor, your name will appear along with the article. You don’t have to be a professional writer to contribute to, but, of course, well-written, thoughtful pieces will be great.

Does this sound like you? Well, we can’t wait to hear from you! Please read through our guidelines below before submitting a contributed article.

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Here are some types of content that we’d love to get more of:

- Current events/trends from the biggest stories or trending topics of the day

- News about the freshest updates from popular or influential people in society

- Features on specific certain celebrities/entrepreneurs/prominent people

- Listicles that use numbered lists with a certain special topic/evergreen topics

- Tips articles that help readers solve a problem

- Interesting reviews of products or services that readers will love

The content must be original for the sections on the website, as follows:

- Fashion

- Beauty

- Watches

- Jewellery

- Travel

- Dining

- Homes

- Cars

- Arts/Culture

- Business

- Weddings

- Wealth

- Society


Pieces typically run to about 500 to 800 words, though longer is fine up to around 1,200 words. While there is no limit to the length of content, we encourage a minimum of 300 words.


While we will never change the substance, we reserve the right to edit articles for clarity and readability. Please proof-read your own articles and check for typos, grammatical errors, and so on before submitting your article.


Include photos or videos where prompted, and please be sure you have the right to use the material and that you credit your sources.


Unless we are part of a syndication deal, your piece should be original and unique to And please link to sources where possible, especially if you’ve got data in your article. Make sure you have trustworthy sources, preferably primary sources. If you interview someone, please say so in the piece.


You must not have financial relationships with parties you are writing about. You can’t receive money from a business or person in exchange for writing about them. Articles that excessively promote a brand, company or product, or that are basically written in advertorial style, most likely will be rejected. Excessive links to products or services will also likely be deleted.

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You might be working on an article for, but contributors are not official members of the Indonesia Tatler staff and should not represent themselves as such at events or in communications with sources.


Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, contributors should expect to receive a response in up to four weeks. If you haven’t heard from us after four weeks, it’s probably because we think your work isn’t a fit for us right now.


While we don’t offer financial compensation, you will be rewarded with a voice in an active and engaging community on the vast Indonesia Tatler Contributor Network. We will also publish the URL to your blog or website and links to social media accounts.


What’s in it for you:

- Awareness: your articles will be shared on the Indonesia Tatler website, social media platforms, and e-newsletter too, which is also a promotion of your site/social accounts

- Exposure: get your writing on an established platform and drive exposure for yourself, your expertise and your interests

- Credibility: build your personal brand and reputation and add credibility to your professional profile through affiliation as a contributor to

- Network: you will have access to our growing network of contributors to collaborate with


Please provide your full name, social media handle (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook), as well as two sentences describing your activities and interests, and a link to a portfolio or other personal site.


All contributors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their posts. Stories and opinions expressed by all contributors are their own.


Want to send a submission? Send submissions (text and visuals) to with the subject COMMUNITY-[TITLE OF THE ARTICLE]. We’d love to hear from you!

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