Renitasari Adrian with her lovely personality and charismatic smile is definitely one of Indonesia’s favourites. With her undying love for Indonesia’s cultures and traditions, Renita has contributed a decent amount promoting our country and its richness. Renitasari is a woman full of love and life and used her time wisely. A permanent fixture in the Indonesian society, it should come as no surprise if many of you are curious about Renitasari Adrian. Here are the 5 facts about Renita that you might not know of.

Globe trotter

Renitasari is very patriotic when it comes to her country, Indonesia. Renitasari said due to her current job as a co-host on IDENESIA program on Metro TV where she gets to travel every two weeks around Indonesia. Her favorite part of Indonesia is the Eastern part. Renita claimed that this region is very peaceful and is away from the usual hustle and bustle of other Indonesian cities have. Renita also loved their offer on beautiful range of fabrics and breathtaking nature sceneries.

 Work life

Renitasari currently serves as the Programme Director at the Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation. Renitasari is a woman of power and spends a chunk of her time working and contributing to our society by promoting its heritage. Her job involves her to attend a lot of meetings and participate in a television program, namely IDENESIA. Renita is also passionate to promote local artists through performing arts at Galeri Indonesia Kaya.

 Renita’s essential25016593_150173552415369_3306001701151965184_n.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Renitasari Adrian

With her hectic lifestyle, Renitasari can’t live without her iPhone 7 Plus. Her iPhone is always on her hand, in and out of meetings. This is where she does all her work, ranging from emails all the way to photography. Another gadget she is often seen with is her Fujifilm XA2. No wonder her insta-feed looks so vibrant and fun!

 Garuda Di Dadaku

When it comes to feeling patriotic, Renitasari will always be there. Born in Bandung and actively exploring the archipelago of Indonesia, Renita has developed sense of appreciation of our culture. Her nationalism led her to open Galeri Indonesia Kaya (GIK) in Grand Indonesia, which is open for public. The art space offers the public a chance to learn about the Indonesian culture in a fun and free manner. GIK is also the first cultural space in Indonesia that considers digital and multimedia technologies dedicated to Indonesian artists, where Renita can be spotted among the audience during the weekend.

Family first

Renitasari is married to Ryan Adrian, the President Director at PT Indonesia International Graha, and together they have 5 lovely children. Renita and Ryan believe on the values originated from home, hence why they spent as much family time together as they can with their children, because you know as they say family comes first, and it’s no different to The Adrians.

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