She’s not just any socialite: she’s a sporty one! Vannya Istarinda embodies everything that is fit and healthy, and with her positive personality she inspires everyone around her to do the same. Keeping her sporty side aside, there’s a lot more to Vannya, such as her endearing relationship with Arya Bakrie, which has been going on since 2015—and, of course, her social life. Full of positivity, laid-back, and definitely passionate, Vannya’s mantra seems to take things one step at a time. Here are five fast facts about the charming Vannya Istarinda.

Sporty socialite

When we say socialite, we often think of someone who lives a glamorous lifestyle, but when it comes to Vannya we are talking about a positive and influential lady who has a vibrant personality and who functions as a role model for the people around her. Vannya Istarinda took her love of sports and turned it into a career. She enjoys fresh air, healthy meals, mother nature, and various sports, which have led her to hold the title of a sports influencer. Vannya says: “Sport is important as it is one way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” Three of her favourite pastimes are running, Pilates and strength training. With running her number 1 favourite, Vanya has taken part in all six world marathon majors.


Vannya & Arya

Together since 2015, this adorable couple epitomises #RelationshipGoals. Arya Bakrie, who comes from Indonesia’s well-known conglomerate family, definitely knows how to keep his girl happy. From having friendship bracelets together to being globetrotters, what’s not to love about these two? If you’ve been insta-stalking them, you’d understand what we mean by #RelationshipGoals.


What’s a girl without her best friend?

What a girl needs more than anything is a best friend who will stick with her throughout and support her through current and future endeavours. Yes, we’re talking about the adorable friendship that Vannya Istarinda and singer Angel Pieters share. These two share a close friendship and it’s built to last.


Architecture degree

Beauty, boldness, and brains are definitely what she is all about. Vannya earned degrees in architecture from the University Indonesia and Curtin University in Perth. Architecture is a broad course that involves lots of hard work and persistence, and Vannya definitely has both of these qualities instilled in her. With an educated background, Vannya is redefining the young generation of our country.


Dua Awan

Vannya also holds the title of entrepreneur with her fashion label, Dua Awan. The clothing brand carries a theme of sophistication and details to its clothing. Dua Awan focuses on gowns, midi-dresses, and even playsuits. Recently, it has been working on bridal outfits, too. Colours, styles, designs, and patterns are what Dua Awan is all about.

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