Stunning entrepreneur Putri Tanjung has left Internet citizens shocked and awed with all her achievements at such a young age. Being CEO of a successful company, having her destiny in her hands, and all the while looking beautiful doing it. But who is this marvellous entrepreneur really? Read more below to know all about the stunning woman now.

Daughter of Chairul Tanjung

The beautiful Putri Tanjung didn’t just rise to fame all of a sudden. Raised by one of the most successful families in the country, she is the daughter of none other than wealthy businessman Chairul Tanjung, Indonesia’s seventh-richest person in 2018 according to Forbes with net worth reaching over US$3.5b.

Top education

Being born into a prestigious family wasn’t enough for her to thrive, and she needed the dedication and hard works necessary to achieve her dreams. Putri Tanjung enrolled herself into some of the finest schools, such as the Australian International School Singapore where she graduated with an IB Diploma, and the Academy of Art University taking multimedia communication.

Entrepreneur at heart

While everyone was fixated on being the best at school and garnering as many achievements as possible, Putri thought outside the box and had established her very own business by the age of 15. That first business of hers is an event organiser that she named Creativepreneur Event Creator, which she still leads till this day.

Ups and downs

The Creativepreneur Event Creator didn’t have a smooth path during its initial debut seven years ago. When Putri decided to arrange an event, her proposal for sponsorships were declined by 15 out of 20 companies. Although, that doesn’t necessarily mean that her events were bad. It just showed that Putri was simply ahead of her time and that she can thrive without the name of her father.

An Instagram inspiration

Putting aside all of her business and achievements, Putri is also very artsy when it comes to her Instagram feed. Just take one scroll of her profile, and you’re bound to get inspired with her mad skills. Doubled with how stunning she looks in every single picture, she’s a drop-dead gorgeous role model ready to take over the world.

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