Ahh, food. A subject that intrigues many people around the world. With the popularity of our recent article that talked about successful Indonesian F&B owners, we decided to run a spin-off article that focuses on the young and fierce females that satisfy thousands of Jakartans on a daily basis with their creative and delicious approaches to food.

Stella Lowis (La Maison)

It all started with curiosity. Stella started her famous La Maison franchise due to her curiosity to understand the complex art of patisserie. After graduating from high school, she decided to enroll in the Diplôme de Pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu Australia to learn the art. With branches of La Maison now established in two big cities of Indonesia, she continuously innovates her famous patisseries by introducing new flavours, such as the recent Nutrisari and Dadar Guling flavours in her macarons to commemorate Indonesia’s Independence Day. Presenting pure and fresh artisanal pastries as well as unique flavours, we’re excited to see what she will bring to the store soon.

Helga Angelina (Burgreens)

Despite having to overcome illness when she was young, Helga turned the experience into something empowering by introducing Burgreens: a restaurant that provides fresh organic meals such as veggie burgers, creative plant-based meals, vegan desserts, and superfood smoothies for health-conscious consumers. With no formal background in the culinary world, Helga has proven that success often comes from attitude and perseverance.

She not only increased access to healthy organic meals to people who need them, but she also stresses the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles to all levels of society through several social and educative programmes. Voted as Jakarta’s Best Healthy Food Restaurant by Yahoo, Helga promoted the success behind Burgreens by saying: “Have a clear vision, keep the faith, build and nurture your people, look for people who are passionate about your vision, and keep on learning.”

Charina Prinandita (Eatlah)

Photo: Courtesy of Go-Food(Youtube)

As one of the founders of Eatlah, Charina revealed that in the beginning, she started the company with only Rp 15 million, split among her and the other two founders. Now, Eatlah is known among Jakartans as the hip place to get salted egg chicken, a meal that is now as common as es kopi. For the founders, going through hardships in the beginning, such as having to cook and man their stalls without any outside help, seems to have increased their mental strength. Now, with numerous branches and more than 70 staff, EatLah seems to have gotten into Indonesian people’s taste buds and hearts.

Kareyca Moeloek (Berrywell & Fedwell)

Kareyca Moeloek, or Reyca, decided to build Berrywell with her friends as an answer to Jakartans’ need for healthy food offerings. Emphasising her sense of good timing, it seems that Reyca got it right as she tapped into Jakartans’ desires for healthier lifestyles. However, Reyca reminds us that Berrywell is not born out of passion alone: it was born out of many considerations, as well as recipe trials and errors, until they got it right. As the first health food chain that introduced the superfood acai berry to Jakartans, Berrywell initially attracted more expats but has slowly got the attention of local health food enthusiasts.

Eugenie Patricia (Puyo Desserts)

Starting Puyo with her brother Adrian, Eugenie always credits her dad for the creation of Puyo desserts. However, we should give them both credit for being creative enough to turn that creation, through many experiments, into a dessert that is now present in more than 40 outlets across Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Karawang. Since introducing Puyo Silky Dessert in 2013, Eugenie seems to have achieved her dreams through hard work and perseverance, especially given that she had to convince mall management teams to allow her outlets to open and operate. Eugenie also puts focus on making her desserts acceptable to all the population, from kids to the elderly, by eliminating preservatives and increasing the amount of fibre.


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