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Nurmala previously worked as an ambassador for Indonesia but now dedicates herself to environmental causes. She is patron of the Indonesian branch of the Climate Reality Project, whose mission is to increase public awareness of climate change, and is an adviser to the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, helping to preserve Indonesia’s oceans and coastal environments.


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Indonesia’s rainforests are some of the most biodiverse on the planet, and Rudi is doing everything
he can to save them. Rudi has inspired communities to dismantle illegal palm oil plantations in Sumatra, which have caused extensive deforestation and destruction of the habitat of the endangered Sumatran rhino.


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Peaceful protests are Aleta’s modus operandi. Aleta halted the destruction of sacred forest on the island of Timor by gathering hundreds of local villagers to peacefully occupy mining sites in protest. Against the odds, it worked. Aleta has now established the Mama Aleta Fund to provide financial and legal aid to women in rural areas fighting for environmental causes.


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In 2013, at the ages of 10 and 12, sisters Isabel and Melati founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB), a youth-driven social initiative to convince the people of Bali to say no to plastic bags. Since then, BBPB has gone global, with teams in 20 countries, and the sisters delivered a talk at the UN in New York for World Oceans Day last year.

This year, they organised Bali’s biggest beach cleanup, with 20,000 volunteers collecting 65 tonnes
of plastic waste in a day.


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In the early 2000s, 96 per cent of the drinking water in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second city, came from the Surabaya River. But factories upstream were pumping toxic waste into the waterway, pushing mercury levels to 100 times the maximum safe level recommended by the WHO. Prigi started a grassroots movement that led to successful legal action against the government for failing to control water pollution.

Prigi now leads the Ecological Observation and Wetlands Conservation organisation, campaigning for protection of the country’s wetlands and waterways.


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Kevin is a co-founder and chief green officer of Avani, which produces sustainable, recyclable packaging, including compostable, biodegradable plasticlike bags made from cassava, cornstarch straws, sugarcane-fibre takeaway boxes and rain ponchos made from corn, soy and sunflower seeds.

In 2017, Avani replaced nearly 1,000 tonnes of petroleum-based plastic with its compostable
products and aims to double that number this year.


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