Xu Jiayin

03160448-Top50philanthropist-RestImages-5000x330010_resized_2000x1320.jpgWHY Him? Xu is one of China’s richest people—and he’s one of the country’s most generous donors, too. In 2017 he donated more than RMB4.2bn (about US$603m), of which 3bn went to the Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Fund. Forbes estimates that made him China’s biggest donor that year; experts are waiting with bated breath to see if he’s retained the title this year.

 He Xiangjian

03160330-Top50philanthropist-RestImages-5000x3300_resized_2000x1320.jpgWHYh im? The Hurun Report, often described as China’s Rich List, estimates that between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018 He donated R MB7.5bn (about US$1.1bn) to charities and causes. Most of this was funnelled through his eponymous foundation, which he uses to donate to causes including education, healthcare, elderly care and cultural heritage. He made his fortune as founder of the Midea Group, the world’s largest producer of electrical appliances.

Jack Ma

03160447-Top50philanthropist-RestImages-5000x33008_resized_2000x1320.jpgWHY him? Ma hit headlines around the world this year when he announced that he’d be stepping down from his role as executive chairman of e-commerce giant Alibaba to focus on his philanthropy and his eponymous foundation, which funds everything from environmental to educational programmes. THAT’S NOT ALL This year he launched the Netpreneur Prize, which aims to build a community of tech entrepreneurs around Africa. Over the next 10 years Ma will distribute US$10m among 100 African entrepreneurs.

 Cao Dewang

03160330-Top50philanthropist-RestImages-5000x33003_resized_2000x1320.jpgWhy Him? In 2011 Cao donated more than 300m of his family's shares in the Fuyao Glass Industry Group, with a market value of RMB3.5bn (about US$502m) at the time, to gener5ate the cash to establish the Heren Charitable Foundation, which has since worked on poverty alleviation, disaster relief and education programmes around China.

 Chung To

03160342-Top50philanthropist-RestImages-5000x33006_resized_2000x1320.jpgWHY him? This year Chung celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Chi Heng Foundation, an organisation he founded to support children and adults affected by Aids in Mainland China. The organisation has funded the education of more than 20,000 children affected by AIDS. THAT’S NOT ALL Chung has also established a variety of social enterprises that employ adults living with HIV who can’t get work elsewhere. Among them is a business that manufactures laundry bags for Marriott and
Accor hotels.

Charles Chen Yidan

03161107-Top50philanthropist-RestImages-5000x330039_resized_1320x2000.jpgWHY him? Yidan, who made his fortune as co-founder of internet giant Tencent, supports multiple philanthropic projects, the largest of which is the Yidan Prize. Founded in 2016, the prize annually honours two individuals or organisations who are transforming education. Each laureate receives prize money of HK$30 million, half of which is a cash prize and half of which is put towards future projects.

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