The wedding of Jusup Maruta Cayadi and Clarissa Wang is now said to hold the title of The Grandest Wedding of The Year, with a lavish event that involved world-class performers and some crazy door prize wins that may be or may not have been true. With rumours that the wedding cost as much as Rp1 trillion, we give you the complete scoop about the most-talked-about wedding of the year.

Choky Sitohang was the MC

With only good praise for the couple, Choky Sitohang performed his duty as the lucky MC of the night as smoothly as he always does.

The wedding was held at The Mulia Resort Bali

Located in Bali’s premium beachfront Nusa Dua location, The Mulia Resort Bali has been the ultimate wedding choice for many couples who wish to tie the knot.

They invited world class performers such as MLTR and Calum Scott

Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) and Calum Scott were the lucky performers who got to witness the majestic wedding. Calum also expressed awe about the grand wedding by calling it a fairy-tale-like affair.

The rumour that the door prizes included five units of Jaguar, Pajero, Honda HRV, and blue diamonds is not true

The father clarified that there were not Jaguars involved, only iPhones. The door prizes of iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR were given to the best-dressed guests of the night.

The proposal was made in Macau

Lucky bride Clarissa got proposed to in Macau, the city that many call as the Las Vegas of Asia.


They raised funds at their wedding

Photo: Channel News Asia

Incorporating a charity event in their wedding, the couple managed to raise Rp1.26 billion for victims of the Central Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami that devastated the region last September.


Their engagement party was held at the lavish Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya

...with Raisa as guest singer, of course.

The bride’s fingernails were decorated with Swarovski crystals

Photo: Nail Designs

No nail lacquer will match the lavishness of the wedding except for glittering rows of Swarovski crystals

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