For people who have a lot on their plates, it can be tremendously exhausting just dealing with the hassles of life. That’s when an adorable feline friend comes in handy. For these people, spending quality time away from their business is a necessity—and while they’re at it, we get few glimpses of the precious time they get their adorable cats. Prepare for a cuteness overload and see below!

Nadya Hutagalung

We all know that Nadya Hutagalung is all about caring for nature and life in balance, as perfectly portrayed by her adorable cats. Her Ying and Yang. The two, named Jinpa Cat and Puja Cat, look adorable just minding their own business and being the sweet felines they are.

Millie Stephanie Lukito

Amid all the busy schedules and charity events, businesswoman and Indonesia Tatler Bureau Chief, Millie also spares her time for her beloved pet. Millie can be seen in the picture playing and smiling with her adopted stray cat on a damp and rainy Sunday. What a way to spend your spare time!

Muhammad Fardhan Khan

Unlike others on our list, Fardhan has more exotic tastes when it comes to picking a feline friend. Seen in the picture are two wild cats having a normal stroll around the neighbourhood as if it were no big deal. One is also getting picked up by Fardhan. How sweet!

Baim Wong

Who would ever think that the multitalented actor and brand ambassador Baim Wong is also a loving father of a few adorable cats? This one in particular misses him more than the others when Baim is away, as it says on the caption. Is there anything more precious you’ve heard about today than this?

Raditya Dika

Simply captioned “sleeping buddy”, comedian Raditya Dika is seen relaxing with his charming Sphynx cat on the bed. All tucked in, the cat gives an odd look to the camera as if it doesn’t want to be disturbed. Give some privacy to the two, please.


At first glance, the picture seems like another aesthetic post on Raisa’s feed, but the adorable cat in the picture is actually having a gloomy day. As the caption says, Malaka is sad because Marble is away for a competition. Do you need a shoulder to cry on, Malaka?


Just like the beautiful singer, the cat is gorgeous. In here, Andien’s cat, Miu, was seen grooming her majestic white fur like the queen that she is. Posted on International Cat Day, Andien wished the cat much happiness and it looks like she surely feels it.

Sophia Latjuba

Looking like Garfield despising a Monday morning, Nadya’s adorable cat, Nala, poses with sassy attitude, showing off her trimmed and gorgeous golden fur. Seems like Sophia Latjuba wasn’t lying when she says that she’s bringing sexy back on the caption.



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