From life lessons, genuine family, growing partner, mutual respect and a good listener, these five socialites gave us their rundown of makes friendship meaningful.


Richard Muljadi

Life lessons

“Loyalty, trust, and love are the basic elements of friendship, and these are the qualities that I have gained through friendship,” Richard Muljadi says. He goes on: “From my friends, I have learned to be a better person by being loving, honest, and loyal. At the end of the day, friendship is all about the love – having the friends that love you and having you feel that love. However, I do realise that in life there are friends that you lose along the way and then there are those new friends who become closer, with some friends eventually being like family to you.”


From left to right: Chiang Yu Lan & Patty Kaunang

Mutual respect

“My friends are very important to me and I consider most of my very close friends as my own sisters,” Chiang Yu Lan says. “My friends are always incredibly generous to share and exchange their experiences and lessons through life with me, and are always there to

lend an ear and help give me advice during my toughest times. I also always try to be there for my friends at good and bad times. It is also important to note that in a friendship you have to have mutual genuine intention to respect, care, trust, and support for each other,” she further adds.

A listening ear

“The core of every friendship, to me, is the absence of being judgmental about one another,” Patty Kaunang says. Furthermore: “Good friends are those who accept and listen to each other, lending support through thick and thin, through tears and laughter. Mutual respect is also important, because there are times when one must choose to step back. Maintaining friendships would be difficult if everyone was stubborn. Finally, remember that the value of friendship is far higher than material things.”


From left to right: Sabrina Joseph-Tan & Rachel Lakhiani

Genuine family

“My friends are everything to me—they are like another family that I’ve been blessed with,” Sabrina Joseph-Tan says. “True friends will support you no matter what. For me, a friend is someone who can give the truest form of advice and constructive criticism. My friendship is not filtered because I am not made for that kind of relationship—life is too short to waste time on such things. Having genuine friends gives me so much confidence in life. Right now, I am moving into a new society, but I always know I have them at home,” she explains further.

Growing together

“Friendship means everything for me. I am a sociable person—I always interact with my friends daily,” Rachel Lakhiani says. Further on the topic, she says, “Typically, in friendship, you have to be able to understand each other and be forgiving. Having a true and genuine relationship really shaped my life and me as a person. I have been friends with Sabrina [Joseph] and the others since I was 14, so without them my whole life would be different. They keep me strong, they motivate me when I am on the verge of giving up, and they are also my toughest critics.”


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