Margaret Vivi took a different approach when it came to raising her only daughter, Karen Vendela Hosea, mostly known as Karen. Vivi would treat her daughter just like her own best friend. Currently taking a double major in interior design and business studies at the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Karen is a little far from home, but this doesn’t make her relationship to her mother distant at all.

“I share everything with my mother, and I see her as a sister—as someone who will always be there for me," says Karen. "Even if she's busy and nearly 9,000 miles away, she will always pick up my call, and she will be there for me through all my hard times. My mum is someone on whom I can really depend,” she adds.

Says Vivi: “I’m the type of parent who doesn’t restrict my children too much, but who tries to give them an understanding of what is right and what is wrong. My relationship with Karen is more like a friend, a sister and also a mother.

“We understand each other and we also give each other advice,” continues Vivi. “She usually asks for my advice whenever she’s having difficult times, and I ask for her opinion on fashion and beauty since my other child, Warren, is a boy and only 15,” Vivi laughs.

As fashion lovers, both Vivi and Karen enjoy their time together the most when shopping, where they can bond and seek each other’s point of view. Who says an only daughter cannot have a sister when you have a mother just like Vivi?

Photography by Hartono Hosea (Lumina Indonesia)

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