1. It all started when Achmad Zaky got his first gift: a computer programming book, from his uncle in 1997. He was 11 at that time.

2. He won a national Olympic competition in computing where he represented his school, SMA Negeri 1 Solo.

3. In 2004, he attended Bandung Institute of Technology to study information technology.

4. He won various competitions during his time studying at Bandung Institute of Technology, and he won 2nd place at the Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest in 2007.

5. He helped make software called MobiSurveyor that is used to process general election surveys.

6. Achmad Zaky also achieved the Merit Award for Indonesia ICT Award in 2008

7. He won a scholarship from the government of the US to study at Oregon State University for two months in 2008.

8. After he graduated from ITB, Achmad Zaky build his own technology consultant service called Suitmedia.

9. Achmad Zaky then build a website for his company’s internal project in 2010. The project is, as you can guess, called Bukalapak.com.

10. Initially bootstrapping, Bukalapak finally got a stream of funding from various well-known investors such as 500 Startups, Batavia Incubator, IMJ investment and also Elang Mahkota Teknologi Tbk (EMTEK Group).

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