Dr. Deby Vinski, MScAA, PhD, the Indonesian doctor who is also known as the queen of anti-ageing, was recently joined by her friends at an intimate soiree to celebrate the launch of her new book, The Power of Man, Everything a Man Needs to Know, and Indonesia Tatler was delighted to be part of the celebrations.

Dr Deby, who also serves as President of World Council of Preventive & Anti-Aging Medicine, launched her book at Lamoda Cafe, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, on her birthday on November 10.

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This is Dr Deby’s second book, which is the result of her experience, after 25 years in medicine and anti-ageing. The 238-page book consists of 10 chapters, which contain a comprehensive guide to male secrets and men’s health.

The book provides information that determines one’s age and health, which is not determined by genetics but by one’s lifestyle. The book reveals all the components of the medical and other important things about adult male health.

Among the glittering guests were Cici Paramida, Eddies Adelia, Harry Darsono, Mien Uno, Poppy Dharsono, and Rudy Hadisuwarno, with presenters Sari Nila and Sonny Tulung, and performance entertainment by Bimo Ganzar. On the occasion of her birthday, Dr Deby also blew the birthday candles, witnessed by her parents, her daughter Dr. Natasha Vinski and other guests.

Watch the video above to get a glimpse of the event.

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