The Weeknd Tour 2018 seems to be full of romance, with The Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye) brings along his towering supermodel girlfriend, Bella Hadid. Oh, did we mention that she’s also one of Victoria’s Secret angels?

They were spotted earlier in Singapore before his concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, all lovey-dovey and screaming on top of their lungs at the roller coaster rides. Curious to see more of their activities in Singapore? Read on!

1. Well, of course they have to go to Universal Studios!

2. ...And they got a VIP experience with her own bodyguard 

3. Bella Hadid, The Weeknd, as well as his entourage got their caricatures drawn

4. Yes, she’s one naughty girl who deserves her daily dose of Starbucks

5. Being the adventurous partner-in-crime that they are, they rode on Revenge of the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica, both are roller coaster rides

6. Bella Hadid got her face painted, and she still looks beautiful

7. Ravenous and wild, Bella got herself a Jurassic Park T-shirt and a bowl of fried chicken

8. Bella went inside Singapore Indoor Stadium to support The Weeknd

9. They also dine at Lavo, an Italian restaurant and rooftop bar located in Marina Bay Sands

10. And yes, they shopped at Louis Vuitton

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