Sisters-in-law Annisa Pohan Yudhoyono and Aliya Raja Yudhoyono grace the cover of our Mother’s Day issue this month along with their precious children by their sides. The duo have depended on each other when raising their children and thus have made them a compatible team. Though motherhood has been the most challenging task, it has nonetheless given them the greatest joy of their lives.

During our cover shoot, Annisa and Aliya both dressed in Lanvin’s latest collection along with their children posing adorably in Petit Bateau. Annisa, along with her beautiful daughter Almira, posed in matching luminous gold cloqué outfits. Meanwhile, Aliya wore a black draped dress, frill jacket, and a weave wool jacket that matched Annisa’s knitted jacket. Watch the video to see the behind the scenes of the cover shoot now.

Photographer: Vicky Tanzil

Stylist: Lilian Ng

Makeup Artist: Barry Irawan

Hairstylist: Ipank Septian

Wardrobe: Lanvin & Petit Bateau

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