The mark of an exemplary CEO is one who not only ensures that his or her business runs smoothly, but is also an inspirational figure whose employees look up to. In an ever-competitive world where many are in a rush to get to the top for personal gain, such talent is becoming increasingly rare. Luckily for us, Indonesia Tatler got to sit down with one such individual. He is none other than Irwan Danny Mussry, President and CEO of Time International—a company with more than 60 leading lifestyle and luxury brands under its umbrella.


The air in Senayan City was positively electric as Time International kicked off the TAG Heuer Sports Hub exhibition. Celebrities, athletes, fashion icons, and members of the media were all present to witness the grand event. Right in the thick of it was Irwan Mussry himself. He took part in all activities with enthusiasm, stopped for pictures, and greeted guests individually. As the festivities wound down, Irwan was ushered into the seating area where several media outlets would interview him at the same time. Without missing a beat, he greeted each reporter with the same level of gusto and energy as he had with his guests, and the interview was underway.

To say that Irwan is a busy man is an understatement. The TAG Heuer Sports Hub was the fifth event he had visited that same day. It’s baffling how anyone can still have this level of energy after such a long day, but Irwan puts it down to having a healthy worklife balance as well as living in the moment— and thoroughly enjoying each of them. “The moment I am with you, this is where I want to be. Nowhere else. My mind is here, I’m having a great time,” said Irwan.

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