“Women and men are equal in their own ways on this Earth; they are only different in gender.” This statement by Raden Ajeng Kartini is reflected through her vision as summarised in the book From Darkness to Light, which has inspired many Indonesian women to strive for success.

This spirit of moving ever forwards is also what inspires Dr Raissa Edwina Djuanda, M.Gizi, Sp.Gk, to keep actively working. Her daily routine is as packed as any other professional mother: the many other hats she wears include wife, doctor, and social activist—the latter including, for example, counselling on the importance of nutritional health for children.

Nonetheless, Raissa is more than capable of compartmentalising her time and successfully juggling all her activities.According to Raissa, the youngest daughter of renowned dermatologist Dr Edwin Djuanda, Sp.KK, there is now a huge opportunity for women in Indonesia to self-actualise themselves.

Equal access to education means that more and more women are well educated, opening up an almost limitless world for them. But this is no cause for complacency: women also must push themselves in their desire to succeed, she tells Indonesia Tatler.

An alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indonesia, Raissa has always been positive and optimistic. From the tender age of 13, she has always packed her time with learning, study and self-improvement.

Through dance, for example, she honed her body’s flexibility, as well as emotional stability and calmness in the face of an audience. And her perseverance and hard work paid off with acclaim at both national and international levels. 

As time went by, so Raissa achieved more and more. With her dedication, unyielding spirit and professionalism, she is now a nutritionist at various renowned hospitals and has also established a private clinic located on Jl. Sawo in Menteng.

Meanwhile, as the mother of Bernadette Bianca Ong (15 months) she is also actively involved in many social activities, such as counselling about nutritional issues for children from poor families in Bogor.

With such a busy schedule, she needs—and very much gets—valuable support from her family. “My husband and daughter are my sources of spirit to continue developing myself and moving forward,” says Raissa.

From her perspective, communication is the key to maintaining harmony within the family. Even with her hectic daily routines, she doesn’t shun her responsibilities. “As a wife and a mother, I aim to always be able to bring peace and happiness to their lives,” she says.

To this end, Raissa has her own tips about maintaining such harmony. She emphasises the importance of fitting in quality time with her daughter and husband around her schedule.

Before any of her activities, she first takes care her husband and daughter, and she and her husband are also committed to spending their shared spare time with their daughter. This create a sense of togetherness, warmth and happiness within the entire family.

As for her future, Raissa will continue to develop her knowledge of nutritional science so that she can build public awareness—especially among younger people—about the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles. Thus, she helps secure a happy future not only for her family but for the generations to come.

(Text by Novranto Huntua; Photo by Irwan Kurnia)

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