One door may close yet another will open, the famed Alexander Graham Bell once reflected. Although many may miss opportunnities ahead through lamenting on what's passed, Livienne Russellia is a case study of embracing a brighter future. It all began when the goverment tightened up restiction on imported goods in 2006, and her business of distribution and imports for personal and skin care items had  to close.

“I had to start from scratch again, but that moment gave me an opening to create my own product that is 100 per cent made in Indonesia,” Livienne told Indonesia Tatler. “At that time, goats’ milk was trending, so I recruited experts to make bath and body care products, from shower creams to body lotions, body scrubs, and many others.”


After her goat-milk endeavour ended in 2007, Livienne never gave up and dared to dream even bigger by doubling up her efforts to open Cakra Daya Makmur (CDM), under which several body care and cosmetics brands are now produced from its integrated factories.

With her combined degrees of business and pharmaceutical and cosmetic science, today’s sweet success is a dream come true that Livienne never actually planned. Starting from zero and going through the ebb and flow of a business is nothing new to Livienne, who had tried many small- and medium-businesses before arriving at where she is today.


“When my family went through difficult times not long after my second child was born, I had to help make ends meet,” Livienne said. “I’ve tried plenty of odds and ends that required no capital to begin with, and even with loans, much of the time.”

This story appears in the March 2019 issue of Indonesia Tatler. For the full story, grab the copy at your nearest newsstand, or subscribe here.

[ Photographer: Vicky Tanzil and Fransisco L. Manuputty, Styling: Carend Delano, Wardrobe: Hermes, Accessories: Hermes and Private Collection, Make-up: Slamet Wiyono, Hairstylist: Ahmad Fajri: Venue: Ambassador Suite - Four Seasons Jakarta ]

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